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The successful entrepreneur from Bosnia

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    David Simron

    It is quite unusual to settle in a different country and become a successful entrepreneur over there. Darko Dodig did just that and his story is considered to be a historic mention. Escaped from the war in Bosnia, Darko flew to Canada, along with his family, at the time he was in fifth grade. He is currently running a successful business company named Wisevu which is a web-designing company and internet consulting agency. Inspired from his dad who was also an entrepreneur, Darko decided to run his business in Canada and the US.

    He mentions the market in Canada is far more competitive for online marketing than in the US. Further, the cost of Wisevu.com has increased due to a drastic decline in Canadian Dollar in the past couple of years. Darko is satisfied to mention that his customers have shown loyalty and are happy with his work. His best project so far is the project with his mother’s company.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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