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AT&T and Microsoft

AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

Providers like AT&T collaborating with Tech Giants like Microsoft. That’s interesting news for Cloud business owners.

The need for improved communication technology is increasing each day. Microsoft has now partnered with AT&T, in an announcement last month, to apply AI technology for better business improvement. The alliance is further done to improve other technologies such as the cloud and 5G communication technology. The aim of AT&T is to migrate most non-network workloads to the public cloud by the year 2024 for more innovative acceleration for companies and workforce empowerment with optimal costs. The agreement will give rise to robust cloud-based collaboration tools with Azure and Microsoft 365. AT&T has the credit of being the first Provider to bring 5G to United States and promises to provide 5G nationwide by next year.

This collaboration will jointly facilitate the mutual customers of AT&T and Microsoft Azure with market integrated industry solutions.

Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Cross-Cloud Partnership

Microsoft and Oracle to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Cross-Cloud Partnership

For a more seamless mission critical enterprise workload running experience for end users, Microsoft and Oracle have interconnected in a partnership which enables customers to migrate seamlessly across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. The news, revealed in June this year is a step towards enabling customers to get best-of-both-clouds experience.  In this way, Azure and Oracle can become a one-stop-shop for running an entire business.

The migrations method preferred in lift-and-improve. This experience is made more seamless since customers can get more out of this partnership like running Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards over Azure which is against an Oracle Autonomous Database efficiently running on Exadata infrastructure in the main Oracle Cloud.

Oracle cloud also offers a complete set of services and applications for various purposes beneficial to business like: business service, sales, AI based marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing and supply chain. Together both clouds; Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, shall accelerate digital transformations for cloud businesses.

Azure Active Directory Password Protection

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

With hacking techniques gaining popularity, it takes less than a week to guess a password by any hacker and the user is hacked.  Corporate resources demand higher security pertaining to the sensitivity of the data and services of corporate sectors.

Microsoft introduces Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Password Protection for users so that they are safe from comply guessed passwords that lead with vulnerabilities. This feature prevents users from creating password that can be guessed easily. The feature is available for both cloud environments and hybrid environments.

The feature is easily configurable from the Active Directory Portal. Password protection can be configured from Authentication methods blade. Password protection is also enabled for Windows Server Active Directory. This feature can be enforced throughout the company and hence it will prevent employees to select commonly guessed passwords for their accounts related to the company and ensure protection from hackers who try to intrude using password guessing technique.


Announcing new capabilities in Azure native Firewall

Announcing new capabilities in Azure native Firewall

We covered the Azure Backup feature a while ago. Today, let’s dive into exciting news about 2 latest features of Azure native Firewall that Microsoft has recently announced:

  1. Azure Firewall Threat intelligence based filtering: this feature of Azure Firewall supports Microsoft Threat Intelligence and provides threat intelligence based filtering. It logs all matching indicators. With the Microsoft Intelligent security graph, it facilitates Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel. It makes firewall management easier.
  2. Azure native Firewall Service tags filtering: Service tags confines a group of IP address prefixes to specific services like Azure Key Vault, SQL Azure, and Azure Service Bus. These service tags can be used in destination filed in network rules. A few more tags include AzureConnectors, AzureCosmosDB, MicrosoftContainerRegistry, and AppService. A whole list of tags along with their details is available on Microsoft Docs.

With such features, Azure native Firewall continues to stay a strong entity in providing native firewall-as-a-service which provides rules for application level filtering and network level filtering.

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