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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Do you accept Paypal or Bitcoin as a payment?

Yes, we do accept Paypal.

How many days will I receive the end product?

well befoer !

Do you require downpayment? Of so, how much?

It depends, on Turnkey Solution 50% of the project needs to be paid. all other charges are upfront.

Do you also do custom development?

Yes, indeed.

My website has malware. Can I hire you guys to remove it?

Nope, we do not offer this type of support.

Do you offer other services apart from Turnkey Solutions?

yes, you can avail our enterprise support to troubleshoot platform related issues for Exchange, CRM, Skype4B and SharePoint etc..

The form won't accept my Credit Card. Where can I contact you?

Do you offer phone support?

yes we do offer phone support.

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