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A look to Microsoft’s strong revenue growth with productivity cloud

A look to Microsoft’s strong revenue growth with productivity cloud

Microsoft has reveled in a news recently that a total of $33.1 billion (£25.7bn) of revenue by focusing on Ai technology. With distributed computing on the rise, Microsoft has assisted organizations with its Azure services and has invested more on Azure platform.

Most fortune companies are on a journey towards cloud migration and Microsoft is assisting them to utilize its Azure platform to ease their cloud transformation journey. Microsoft’s, once termed as, productivity suite is now the productivity cloud comprising of powerful Office 365 features and assisting companies with Ai based approach to a better digital transformation journey.  Microsoft is taking further steps to make revenue growth form Windows commercial products as reported by ZDnet. To cater for real world and changing business needs, Microsoft is focusing on service provision along with revenue expansion both for the company and its clients.

Microsoft has expanded its cloud centers towards Germany and Switzerland and taking further steps to enhance cloud-first move for organizations.

Airbus plans to reach new heights with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Airbus plans to reach new heights with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft Mixed reality is a very progressive technology involving holographic technology. Airbus has put this technology into practice and adopted mixed reality to achieve its goal of building 20,000 new aircrafts in the next 20 years (previously, it took 40 years to build 10,000 aircrafts)

With increasing air traffic, the aerospace giant has set its high goals which they are planning to achieve by utilizing multiple use cases already defined by Airbus. The plan to work with Microsoft on mixed reality had been initiated four years ago and during the trials with mixed reality, impressive results have been achieved so far. The HoloLens headset has the potential to break barriers and hurdles in the way of development. Users of HoloLens 2 can manipulate objects in a much similar manner as they manipulate physical hardware. Airbus has built off-the-shelf solutions for customers.

The future is getting exciting.

New Pricing and licensing plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

New Pricing and licensing plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Users of Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP family, there’s some interesting news from Microsoft. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced to make a few changes in the pricing and packaging of Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications. The proposed changes will take effect from Oct 1.

According to official news, the new model enables Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to be sold as a base type license along with a few “attach licenses” with huge discounts. The current process $115 per month is reduced to $95 per month. The “one-size-fits-all” concept is now replaced with solutions that fit specific needs of customers.

There is also news about Power apps being affected with new pricing and licensing. There are two types of plans of Power Apps: Power Apps per user plan and Power Apps per app plan. These are also specified according to customers’ needs.

More details can be found on Microsoft original announcement article.

AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

Providers like AT&T collaborating with Tech Giants like Microsoft. That’s interesting news for Cloud business owners.

The need for improved communication technology is increasing each day. Microsoft has now partnered with AT&T, in an announcement last month, to apply AI technology for better business improvement. The alliance is further done to improve other technologies such as the cloud and 5G communication technology. The aim of AT&T is to migrate most non-network workloads to the public cloud by the year 2024 for more innovative acceleration for companies and workforce empowerment with optimal costs. The agreement will give rise to robust cloud-based collaboration tools with Azure and Microsoft 365. AT&T has the credit of being the first Provider to bring 5G to United States and promises to provide 5G nationwide by next year.

This collaboration will jointly facilitate the mutual customers of AT&T and Microsoft Azure with market integrated industry solutions.

Microsoft and Oracle to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Cross-Cloud Partnership

Microsoft and Oracle to interconnect Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Cross-Cloud Partnership

For a more seamless mission critical enterprise workload running experience for end users, Microsoft and Oracle have interconnected in a partnership which enables customers to migrate seamlessly across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. The news, revealed in June this year is a step towards enabling customers to get best-of-both-clouds experience.  In this way, Azure and Oracle can become a one-stop-shop for running an entire business.

The migrations method preferred in lift-and-improve. This experience is made more seamless since customers can get more out of this partnership like running Oracle E-business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards over Azure which is against an Oracle Autonomous Database efficiently running on Exadata infrastructure in the main Oracle Cloud.

Oracle cloud also offers a complete set of services and applications for various purposes beneficial to business like: business service, sales, AI based marketing, HR, finance, manufacturing and supply chain. Together both clouds; Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, shall accelerate digital transformations for cloud businesses.

From the SharePoint conference: Innovations for an intelligent workplace

From the SharePoint conference: Innovations for an intelligent workplace

Recently, at a SharePoint conference, Microsoft Showcased recent innovations in Microsoft 365. This includes SharePoint home sites.  According to Microsoft Officials, the focus of these innovations is intelligent workspace, AI based workflows, better and engaging communication ways and bringing out best of creativity from individuals with the insights from AI.

In a nutshell, the conference proposed innovations in:

  1. SharePoint home sites, for an intelligent intranet
  2. Yammer and Yammer and Microsoft Stream, for better employee engagement
  3. OneDrive, for collaborative file sharing experience
  4. Microsoft 365 performance, for a better security and intelligent experience.

With these innovations, SharePoint offers better and world-class intranet, after Microsoft has re-invented three years ago in the Future of SharePoint event. The recent home sites can connect workplaces better, share relevant news and stories beneficial to employees for better productive with personalized content. There are also new capabilities introduced in Microsoft Stream like sharing, recording and uploading videos directly to Microsoft Stream from mobile app.

cyber defenders

Microsoft introduces new cloud-based technology to empower cyber defenders

Microsoft introduces new cloud-based technology to empower cyber defenders

The field of cyber security has gained most popularity over the years pertaining to the high amount of cyber-attacks to origination in recent past. Microsoft has been eager in providing cyber defenders opportunities to defend in a better environment to benefit cloud based technologies. Earlier this year, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Threat Experts for this purpose.

The idea is to support and power security teams while reducing false alarms, noise, time consuming tasks and complexity. Microsoft security experts are frequently called to rescue enterprise data and cloud environment that has become a victim of cyber-attacks. Enterprises still rely on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. Azure Sentinel is a native SIEM tool with AI embedded that helps to drastically reduce noise. Microsoft Threat Experts is a latest service within Windows Defender ATP. Using this service, Microsoft searches for any potential threats that can harm your systems and also prides on-demand expert service called “Ask a Threat Expert”.

Both these services are introduced to facilitate cyber defense services aiming to keep cloud systems more secure and smooth to run.

Strategic partnership announcement between J.P. Morgan and Microsoft to drive enterprise adoption of Quorum

Strategic partnership announcement between J.P. Morgan and Microsoft to drive enterprise adoption of Quorum

In a recent announcement from Microsoft, an enterprise-variant of the Ethereum blockchain, Quorum, is to be powered by Microsoft Azure. Earlier this month, J.P. Morgan and Microsoft Corp. signed a memorandum of understanding to partner together in order to increase adoption of enterprise blockchain. With this announcement, Quorum, that is J.P. Morgan’s platform for enterprise blockchain will be officially the first distributed ledger platform utilizing Azure Blockchain service. In this way, both partners will be able to scale blockchain networks in the cloud. This partnership also highlights that both partners will continue to work together for development of common enterprise, independent software vendor along with addressing developer needs.

Microsoft executive vice president of Business Development, Peggy Johnson, said: “Together, we’re taking a truly transformative technology like Quorum and making it available through the Azure platform to accelerate innovation for our customers.”

Quorum will continue to power Microsoft blockchain programs and first-party apps along with J.P. Morgan.

Azure Active Directory Password Protection

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

With hacking techniques gaining popularity, it takes less than a week to guess a password by any hacker and the user is hacked.  Corporate resources demand higher security pertaining to the sensitivity of the data and services of corporate sectors.

Microsoft introduces Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Password Protection for users so that they are safe from comply guessed passwords that lead with vulnerabilities. This feature prevents users from creating password that can be guessed easily. The feature is available for both cloud environments and hybrid environments.

The feature is easily configurable from the Active Directory Portal. Password protection can be configured from Authentication methods blade. Password protection is also enabled for Windows Server Active Directory. This feature can be enforced throughout the company and hence it will prevent employees to select commonly guessed passwords for their accounts related to the company and ensure protection from hackers who try to intrude using password guessing technique.


Who will dominate Digital EcoSystems?

Who will dominate Digital EcoSystems?

Digital Platforms

Digital Ecosystems rapidly became a multi-billion dollar industry. Last year Hyperscalers invested over $120 billion in Digital Ecosystem platforms. Disruptive innovations provide simpler or more elegant solutions to existing problems, enabled by new technology and often at a lower cost. Many businesses recognizes the limitations of their existing platform while exploring opportunities that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models who will have the best chance of thriving in the fast-approaching disruptive future. Collaborative Ecosystems should exponentially elevate the value it creates and deliver. They will revolutionize business for some time to come.


Hyperscalers such as Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others are gearing up for battle. Misleading information is convincing businesses to migrate to these platforms without understanding the long-term impact and liabilities. Moreover, entire industries are making decisions based on studies and reports, influenced by the very same Hyperscalers. Many businesses think if they do not keep up they will eventually fail.

Client Operating System

Dominating Digital Ecosystems will require an even more dominating end-user Operating System. The end game is controlling the entire value chain in addition to recurrent subscription lock-in, and preventing you the customer from ever migrating. In other words, easy to get in but difficult to get out.

Enterprise Migration

It should not be a surprise that medium to large size Enterprises are having great difficulties adapting to Digital Ecosystems. Migration could be risky, complicated and expensive or just simply impossible. There are no standards or unification between competitive Digital Ecosystem platforms. Migrating from a Digital Ecosystem might not be possible without starting over again and paying a hefty fine.

Channel Partners

I have witnessed the destruction of privacy and the disruptive (dead-end) transition of the hosting industry. Next in line are Channel Partners, ISV’s and OEM’s. Overall, I am unpleasantly surprised businesses and governments ignore the risks by surrendering sensitive data to these Hyperscalers. It is time for new legislation to reveal the true intentions of those trying to dominate our digital world. If you think they are on your side think again!

Too Big to Fail

Eventually Hyperscalers will become too big to fail. If governments fail to regulate them, it will expose us to a global economic and systemic meltdown.

What led to today’s success will ultimately lead to tomorrow’s failure

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