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November 2019

cloud productivity

A look to Microsoft’s strong revenue growth with productivity cloud

A look to Microsoft’s strong revenue growth with productivity cloud

Microsoft has reveled in a news recently that a total of $33.1 billion (£25.7bn) of revenue by focusing on Ai technology. With distributed computing on the rise, Microsoft has assisted organizations with its Azure services and has invested more on Azure platform.

Most fortune companies are on a journey towards cloud migration and Microsoft is assisting them to utilize its Azure platform to ease their cloud transformation journey. Microsoft’s, once termed as, productivity suite is now the productivity cloud comprising of powerful Office 365 features and assisting companies with Ai based approach to a better digital transformation journey.  Microsoft is taking further steps to make revenue growth form Windows commercial products as reported by ZDnet. To cater for real world and changing business needs, Microsoft is focusing on service provision along with revenue expansion both for the company and its clients.

Microsoft has expanded its cloud centers towards Germany and Switzerland and taking further steps to enhance cloud-first move for organizations.

Cloud Technology banking

Microsoft Cloud: Technology for the state-of-the-art banking

Microsoft Cloud: Technology for the state-of-the-art banking

Technology has evolved over the years and changed the way work flows in almost every field like academics, business and the focus of today’s post: Banking.

Banking industry opts the best-in-line security-based technology infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and to offer better and secure financial services to customers.  Microsoft has contributed a lot to meet the growing needs of banking industry of which Microsoft Cloud is the most important contribution.

Microsoft Cloud adheres to all the compliance and security rules and policies needed by a regulation compliant bank to offer secured services to its customers. Not only Microsoft cloud is able to scale and grow the banking services according to the customer base. With Automatic updates (including security updates) being one of the essential features, the process of updates has been streamlined. The best thing about using Microsoft Cloud is that it introduces transparency of processes into the system. Hence, making business processes are streamlined making the High officials stay in Control of financial information.

Airbus with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Airbus plans to reach new heights with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Airbus plans to reach new heights with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft Mixed reality is a very progressive technology involving holographic technology. Airbus has put this technology into practice and adopted mixed reality to achieve its goal of building 20,000 new aircrafts in the next 20 years (previously, it took 40 years to build 10,000 aircrafts)

With increasing air traffic, the aerospace giant has set its high goals which they are planning to achieve by utilizing multiple use cases already defined by Airbus. The plan to work with Microsoft on mixed reality had been initiated four years ago and during the trials with mixed reality, impressive results have been achieved so far. The HoloLens headset has the potential to break barriers and hurdles in the way of development. Users of HoloLens 2 can manipulate objects in a much similar manner as they manipulate physical hardware. Airbus has built off-the-shelf solutions for customers.

The future is getting exciting.

Microsoft azure germany

Microsoft Azure is now available for customers in Germany

Microsoft Azure is now available for customers in Germany

Microsoft has recently announced that Azure is available in the new cloud regions in Germany. There has been much needed customer demand and hence Microsoft has catered for the needs of customers in Germany. The services are scalable, highly available and resilient. I this way, enterprises am able to meet security and compliance needs.

To meet security requirements is becoming a challenge and Microsoft is helping its customers and enterprises take up the challenge and fulfill basic security requirements efficiently. Customers in Germany have been eager to adopt revolutionary frameworks. The German-specific compliance requirements include Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) attestation and enable German companies to take benefit from containers, IoT, and AI.

Customers like Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and Arvato Systems are committed to work with Azure and Microsoft official states that we are committed to serve our customers to the best. This helps customers in elevating businesses and transforms them into better businesses with the adaptability and scalability of Azure cloud platform.

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