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July 2020

Microsoft introduces improved business features for OneDrive

Microsoft introduces improved business features for OneDrive

With an increase in collaboration demands for business, especially since the pandemic days, Microsoft has focused its OneDrive features to make it more aligned with the latest business demands. Here are a few new features that Microsoft has announced for OneDrive:

  • Add to OneDrive:

With this, you can easily add shortcuts within OneDrive with a few clicks.

  • Tight integration with Teams:

This feature fosters better collaboration while on Teams with files residing in OneDrive. Teams file sharing feature also allows for creating shareable links with customized permissions.

  • Address bar URL sharing:

With this feature, you can simply copy the URL of a file for sharing right from the address bar.

  • Dark Mode:

This is another business feature for better user experience.

  • Increased upload limit:

An increase in upload limit for OneDrive is provided from 15 GB to 100 GB

Everyone’s storage requirements are increasing in business. Microsoft is now committed to improving OneDrive for a natural and easy collaboration across the company and via Teams.

How Microsoft assisted to bring rival companies together during the pandemic

How Microsoft assisted to bring rival companies together during the pandemic

During the course of the pandemic, there have been days when there was a drastic need for ventilators each day. To cater to the merging needs of the pandemic, we have seen many rival companies come together while their higher management personnel remained cool-headed under crises.

Companies like Ford, BAE, McLaren, Unilever, GKN Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, and Airbus came together to integrate their technology and expertise together to cater for the merging needs of making ventilators for the NHS.

For better collaboration amongst the rival companies, Microsoft Teams has played its part during this pandemic. According to Leila Martine, Product Marketing Director for Mixed Reality at Microsoft, apart from Teams other Microsoft Technologies utilized for building ventilators were the Azure cloud platform, Microsoft HoloLens, Dynamics 365 and Power BI to the consortium.”

Each tool had a set of features to cater to fast-paced communication including hands-free video-calls, virtual screens, live streaming while approaching ventilator experts from around the world.

In all these months during the pandemic, Communication and better decision making was the key to achieve accurate targets.

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