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AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

AT&T and Microsoft’s joint collaboration for a better cloud, AI and 5G

Providers like AT&T collaborating with Tech Giants like Microsoft. That’s interesting news for Cloud business owners.

The need for improved communication technology is increasing each day. Microsoft has now partnered with AT&T, in an announcement last month, to apply AI technology for better business improvement. The alliance is further done to improve other technologies such as the cloud and 5G communication technology. The aim of AT&T is to migrate most non-network workloads to the public cloud by the year 2024 for more innovative acceleration for companies and workforce empowerment with optimal costs. The agreement will give rise to robust cloud-based collaboration tools with Azure and Microsoft 365. AT&T has the credit of being the first Provider to bring 5G to United States and promises to provide 5G nationwide by next year.

This collaboration will jointly facilitate the mutual customers of AT&T and Microsoft Azure with market integrated industry solutions.

Cloud computing trends 2018

Cloud Computing Trends of 2018

Cloud Computing Trends of 2018

Since the Cloud has prevailed in almost all aspects of business, it is important to keep a check on the latest trends in order to stay competitive in the market.

• Internet of Everything (IoE)
After IoT (Internet of Things), the term IoE (Internet of Everything) will soon prevail with Artificial Intelligence being in the front of cloud. This means, devices can be interacted in an intelligent manner, much like human to human interaction.

• Rise of 5G
With more data requirements, there will be better internet quality and 5G to support the internet needs. Highly responsive, fast loading apps and services will require better quality networks.

• Security concerns
Security has always been a topic of concern with upcoming technology and cloud is no exception. There will be a greater need for enhanced security.

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