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Azure has become the place for open source in the cloud

Azure has become the place for open source in the cloud

Microsoft has now introduced more flexibility with Azure: open source systems are now supported. Partners have broader choices in the cloud which enable them for better investment opportunities. IaaS is now available on Linux, PHP web application platform and not to forget Java!

Not only this commitment with open source platforms extent options for providers, it also opens doors for a diverse team of developers to engage with Microsoft products and platform. They can complement their development works with Azure and get more value out of Microsoft products. Azure Active Directory can be used to augment open source apps with identity management and access management. Moreover SharePoint sites can be connected to PHP portals. Hence the apps ecosystem will continue to evolve with this step of Microsoft making “open source” a part of Microsoft everyday cloud innovation approach.

IAAS Cloud Infrastructure

Simple Infrastructure: is it becoming a thing of past?

Simple Infrastructure: is it becoming a thing of past?

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is a fast-growing market and is expected to reach up to 25% of total Infrastructure outsourcing market by 2020. IaaS has promoted promoting digital operation in an innovative manner along with enabling digital business. This has contributed to the growing popularity of IaaS.

It has been seen that, IaaS providers continue to offer legacy services which include simple servers, network resources and storage space, hence a simple infrastructure. These services will not be sufficient for the upcoming demands of digital business. In order to promote customers digital journey demands, Infrastructure providers need to offer digital infrastructure platform which offers a range of higher level services exposed via APIs, hence introducing a platform which customers can utilize for development of apps and services that provide value to business initiatives.

Hence provision of resources needs to be shifted from simple (storage, server, and network) to complex (Infrastructure resources) to find growth opportunities for both customers and Infrastructure providers.

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