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David Simron

The Post COVID -19 environment: top 5 emerging trends

The Post COVID -19 environment: top 5 emerging trends

COVID-19 has taught us a lot. From a business perspective, it has taught managers to collaborate with employees and work remotely when they had not even thought of it in their entire career! Nevertheless, the lessons learned are for good. Here is a compilation of Top 5 trends changing the post-COVID-19 workplace environment.

  1. Increased remote working:

You never know when you’d have to make the shift to a remote working policy again. So it is better to be prepared for the rainy days.

  1. Design for resilience:

The post-COVID workplace requires designs that are sustainable. Whether it is application programs, designing structures, or networks, resilience is now is of foremost importance.

  1. The decrease in Organization complexity:

A complex organization structure can’t be handled easily. A decrease in complexity must be targeted in the post COVID environment.

  1. Communication in the Cloud:

With a stable communication system in the cloud, the business Phone can still be operational, thereby keeping the workforce and customers connected in tough times.

  1. A feature-rich Workplace:

Collaboration and remote connections are the building blocks of a modern workplace.

The future of Xbox Gaming with latest enhancements

The future of Xbox Gaming with latest enhancements

Like all the gamers out there, Phil Spencer, executive vice president of Gaming at Microsoft, is also eager for better transformation of the future of gaming to make it more exciting.

In a recent blog, he mentions that the future of gaming would consist of more deep and interactive games across the Xbox console, mobile devices and PCs. Better technology to reduce hate speech is also aimed to be a part of future gaming. The latest commitments also include the introduction of a Smart Delivery technology.

With Xbox Play Anywhere, digital titles can be bought once and played on both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles. A future is imagined where there is increased value from games and where there is something for everyone coming from different backgrounds.

The new Xbox Series X will provide a great gaming experience on the latest console whether the games come from Xbox Game Studios, publisher and developer partners.

Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft jointly launch research against COVID-19

Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft jointly launch research against COVID-19

With the wide-spread pandemic COVID-19 all over the news, healthcare providers are figuring out ways to find a cure to the disease. Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp. and Microsoft Corp. announced that they will utilize their partnership together to work towards an advanced solution that caters for population-wide adaptive immune responses. This is done to promote the treatment and prevention of the disease and on-going research on the biology of the virus.

In a virtual clinic, managed by Covance, immune response data is generated by collecting de-identified blood samples from people diagnosed with COVID-19 via LabCorp-enabled mobile phlebotomy service. Both the companies are seeking additional participation from other research labs and groups to further enhance the research and carry out studies on an extended data set.

Ultimately, the solution to COVID-19 problems is not likely to come from one person or group. Several labs and research groups powered by companies like Microsoft have to work together to find the solution to COVID-19 testing needs.

Microsoft Cloud: Technology for the state-of-the-art banking

Microsoft Cloud: Technology for the state-of-the-art banking

Technology has evolved over the years and changed the way work flows in almost every field like academics, business and the focus of today’s post: Banking.

Banking industry opts the best-in-line security-based technology infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and to offer better and secure financial services to customers.  Microsoft has contributed a lot to meet the growing needs of banking industry of which Microsoft Cloud is the most important contribution.

Microsoft Cloud adheres to all the compliance and security rules and policies needed by a regulation compliant bank to offer secured services to its customers. Not only Microsoft cloud is able to scale and grow the banking services according to the customer base. With Automatic updates (including security updates) being one of the essential features, the process of updates has been streamlined. The best thing about using Microsoft Cloud is that it introduces transparency of processes into the system. Hence, making business processes are streamlined making the High officials stay in Control of financial information.

Microsoft Teams connects people together on Poly Trio

Microsoft Teams connects people together on Poly Trio

Microsoft Teams is helping organization meet their team requirements. Poly Trio supports Teams and there are four scenarios under which organizations can make use of Teams:

  1. Native Mode
  2. Gateway Mode
  3. Hybrid Mode
  4. USB Mode

Native Mode and Gateway mode are Audio based, where, in the other two modes; there are options to enable Video deployments. This way, you meetups are smarter and smoother with Teams.

There is not much configuration for use. The devices are pretty neat and the technicalities within the Unified Communications Software (UCS) firmware are astounding since it handles most of the audio and video configurations in itself. This however is not in USB mode. In case of USB mode, the Trio is turned into a USB audio device which is controlled by separate video based endpoint like Teams.

In the Gateway mode, the configuration uses single registration into Skype for Business Online. Teams is getting popularity because sooner or later Microsoft will indulge Skype4B into Microsoft Teams.

Collaboration for better healthcare experiences: Microsoft’s take on healthcare IT

Collaboration for better healthcare experiences: Microsoft’s take on healthcare IT

Microsoft has been keen in facilitating all areas of life. This time it’s Healthcare. The demand of technology in healthcare is ever increasing. Microsoft has been learning throughout the years alongside industry experts regarding demands of health organizations to have a deep impact on people. In this regard, Microsoft Teams has been played an important role There have been three core innovations to facilitate healthcare IT industry:

  1. Microsoft 365 for health organizations: this introduces capabilities in Microsoft Teams that provides a secure hub for teams communications
  2. Azure API for FHIR®: This is a tool to share information in the cloud.
  3. Microsoft Healthcare Bot: It provides chatbots and AI bots which serve as virtual assistants to help healthcare organizations attain a diverse healthcare experience.

Many other benefits include enabling secure workflows in Microsoft Teams to protect patient data. Setting priority-based notifications, message delegation, ability to integrate FHIR-enabled electronic health records (EHR) data with Teams and many others.

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

Microsoft integrates Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

Microsoft integrates Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

After Adobe and SAP, Microsoft has done collaborations with Autodesk AutoCAD and provided integration capabilities between Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint and Autodesk AutoCAD.  Microsoft’s visions in this regard are to create a secured file transaction hub where customers can store critical content without any security apprehensions. Integrations with AutoCAD are just the next episode to fulfill this vision.

For engineers and architects, CAD drawings are critical. Now they can store their DWG files in OneDrive and SharePoint to get the best benefits of mobile and desktop applications, innovative collaboration capabilities and enterprise-grade compliance. In this way, task management gets simplified and flows are smoother in a workflow. The new integrations also allow for connection between SharePoint, OneDrive and drafting tools of AutoCAD. With these integrations, DWG files can be edited on the go in mobile app and AutoCAD latest new web app.

With these capabilities, architect and engineers are facilitated with team collaborations and their tasks have become easier than ever.

Azure Active Directory Password Protection

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

With hacking techniques gaining popularity, it takes less than a week to guess a password by any hacker and the user is hacked.  Corporate resources demand higher security pertaining to the sensitivity of the data and services of corporate sectors.

Microsoft introduces Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Password Protection for users so that they are safe from comply guessed passwords that lead with vulnerabilities. This feature prevents users from creating password that can be guessed easily. The feature is available for both cloud environments and hybrid environments.

The feature is easily configurable from the Active Directory Portal. Password protection can be configured from Authentication methods blade. Password protection is also enabled for Windows Server Active Directory. This feature can be enforced throughout the company and hence it will prevent employees to select commonly guessed passwords for their accounts related to the company and ensure protection from hackers who try to intrude using password guessing technique.

OMS Portal moved to Azure Portal

OMS portal deprecated: The Popular Azure Portal is the new norm

OMS portal deprecated: The Popular Azure Portal is the new norm

OMS portal has now moved to popular Azure Portal and Yet again Microsoft has sent the final reminder. Since last year, the capabilities offered by Operations Management Suite (OMS) like monitoring, management, and security have eventually are incorporated into Azure portal. In this way, the azure portal has seen many enhancements since the past 12 months. These new features and capabilities are making the Azure portal more popular.

It is a fact that Microsoft had plans to fully replace the OMS portal with Azure Portal since many years but this year, this is finally accomplished. All the features provided to customers through the OMS portal are now there in the Azure portal. Hence it is high time that you switch to Popular Azure portal.

Microsoft has provided detailed documentation regarding how to move to the Azure portal in its quite comprehensive documentation. There is new alert management experience, user access management is done through role-based access control, and cross workspace queries replace the Application Insights Connector. The OMS app for smartphones is being deprecated altogether.

Microsoft GitHub

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub is now a Microsoft Development platform. Previously, it has been a development promoting platform for a long time and developers rely on this open source service for their development oriented tasks. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring GitHub for 7.5 billion USD. Quite recently, Microsoft revealed that it has made the whole process of acquisition complete.

Microsoft explains that it is its vision to support and help developers and acquiring GitHub is a part of implementing this vision. GitHub will continue to run as an independent business. Not only this is a large repository, it is a popular resource for developers and organizations for documenting and hosting code. The core idea of GitHub is not turning into Microsoft, but more of getting insights to the current developer trends going around outside of traditional Microsoft technologies. Not only it will help the company grow with these insights so as to make developers facilitate from their technologies, it will also help Microsoft towards providing a better Microsoft Development platform in future.

Source: https://news.microsoft.com/2018/06/04/microsoft-to-acquire-github-for-7-5-billion/

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