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December 2018

Microsoft GitHub

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub is now a Microsoft Development platform. Previously, it has been a development promoting platform for a long time and developers rely on this open source service for their development oriented tasks. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring GitHub for 7.5 billion USD. Quite recently, Microsoft revealed that it has made the whole process of acquisition complete.

Microsoft explains that it is its vision to support and help developers and acquiring GitHub is a part of implementing this vision. GitHub will continue to run as an independent business. Not only this is a large repository, it is a popular resource for developers and organizations for documenting and hosting code. The core idea of GitHub is not turning into Microsoft, but more of getting insights to the current developer trends going around outside of traditional Microsoft technologies. Not only it will help the company grow with these insights so as to make developers facilitate from their technologies, it will also help Microsoft towards providing a better Microsoft Development platform in future.

Source: https://news.microsoft.com/2018/06/04/microsoft-to-acquire-github-for-7-5-billion/

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 – shaping cloud computing and simplifying IT

Microsoft 365 – shaping cloud computing and simplifying IT

Microsoft has been very keen with development platforms and simplifying IT industry with its innovative technologies that shape the market. One such product is Microsoft 365 which keeps on changing based on the IT industry needs. Microsoft philosophy for building tools and various IT services is said to be “Integrated for Simplicity”.

The modern desktop is driven by cloud computing and available on Windows 10 with Office 365 ProPlus. The scalability and intelligence feature makes it unique and an innovative approach that is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Integrated simplicity is taken to one step further with the Microsoft 365 admin center that also gives the feature of device management.

Hence Microsoft Office 365 gives a modern cloud-connect feel to business and end users. It also provides cloud computing intelligence that is necessary for IT pros for a successful tomorrow.

ms azure open source cloud

Azure has become the place for open source in the cloud

Azure has become the place for open source in the cloud

Microsoft has now introduced more flexibility with Azure: open source systems are now supported. Partners have broader choices in the cloud which enable them for better investment opportunities. IaaS is now available on Linux, PHP web application platform and not to forget Java!

Not only this commitment with open source platforms extent options for providers, it also opens doors for a diverse team of developers to engage with Microsoft products and platform. They can complement their development works with Azure and get more value out of Microsoft products. Azure Active Directory can be used to augment open source apps with identity management and access management. Moreover SharePoint sites can be connected to PHP portals. Hence the apps ecosystem will continue to evolve with this step of Microsoft making “open source” a part of Microsoft everyday cloud innovation approach.

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