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Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid

Cloud Hybrid Search

Cloud Hybrid Search Service (CSSA) FAQ

Cloud Hybrid Search Service (CSSA) FAQ

There are a lot of questions people ask related to Cloud hybrid Search. I have decided to compile the most frequently asked questions in the following post.

  1. How is Hybrid search different from normal cloud hybrid search?

In hybrid federated search, results are fetched from both search index in SharePoint Server 2013/2016 and as indexed in Office 365. In case of cloud hybrid search, all crawled content is processed by O365 search engine.

  1. Can Hybrid search be deployed in multiple forests environment?

Yes, Cloud hybrid search service application works under environments having multiple forests.

  1. How many crawl Databases are recommended for Cloud hybrid search application?

There is a rule of thumb in this regard. One database suffices 20 million items from the total amount of content.

  1. Are there any Forums for Cloud hybrid search discussions?

Yes, TechNet Forum hosts multiple discussions on the topic.

  1. Is there any book related to Hybrid capabilities?

There is an ebook Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities (ISBN 9781509302437) which can be downloaded here.

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