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Microsoft introduces improved business features for OneDrive

Microsoft introduces improved business features for OneDrive

With an increase in collaboration demands for business, especially since the pandemic days, Microsoft has focused its OneDrive features to make it more aligned with the latest business demands. Here are a few new features that Microsoft has announced for OneDrive:

  • Add to OneDrive:

With this, you can easily add shortcuts within OneDrive with a few clicks.

  • Tight integration with Teams:

This feature fosters better collaboration while on Teams with files residing in OneDrive. Teams file sharing feature also allows for creating shareable links with customized permissions.

  • Address bar URL sharing:

With this feature, you can simply copy the URL of a file for sharing right from the address bar.

  • Dark Mode:

This is another business feature for better user experience.

  • Increased upload limit:

An increase in upload limit for OneDrive is provided from 15 GB to 100 GB

Everyone’s storage requirements are increasing in business. Microsoft is now committed to improving OneDrive for a natural and easy collaboration across the company and via Teams.

The all new Office 365 app for Android and iOS

The all new Office 365 app for Android and iOS

Earlier this year, Microsoft Announced that it’s unified Office 365 App is now available for iOS platform. The integrated app brings together Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for seamless flow of work. With this app, working with documents get easier since all of the major third party cloud storage is well reachable within Office 365 like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and iCloud. There are two main features that will be announced real soon.

The Cards View

With this view, users can edit rows in Excel in the form of cards. Keeping in mind the screens size of the phones, this feature was introduced to make the user look at the entire row on the vertical screen so they do not have to scroll the entire dataset on screen.

PowerPoint’s Designer feature

With this feature, users can easily make PowerPoint slides with bullet points and relevant formatting. In this way, users can make or edit PowerPoint presentations on the go!

With the existing version of the app, users of iPhone and Android both can create templates, scan tables and seamlessly switch working between Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

New Pricing and licensing plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

New Pricing and licensing plans for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Users of Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP family, there’s some interesting news from Microsoft. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced to make a few changes in the pricing and packaging of Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications. The proposed changes will take effect from Oct 1.

According to official news, the new model enables Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to be sold as a base type license along with a few “attach licenses” with huge discounts. The current process $115 per month is reduced to $95 per month. The “one-size-fits-all” concept is now replaced with solutions that fit specific needs of customers.

There is also news about Power apps being affected with new pricing and licensing. There are two types of plans of Power Apps: Power Apps per user plan and Power Apps per app plan. These are also specified according to customers’ needs.

More details can be found on Microsoft original announcement article.

From the SharePoint conference: Innovations for an intelligent workplace

From the SharePoint conference: Innovations for an intelligent workplace

Recently, at a SharePoint conference, Microsoft Showcased recent innovations in Microsoft 365. This includes SharePoint home sites.  According to Microsoft Officials, the focus of these innovations is intelligent workspace, AI based workflows, better and engaging communication ways and bringing out best of creativity from individuals with the insights from AI.

In a nutshell, the conference proposed innovations in:

  1. SharePoint home sites, for an intelligent intranet
  2. Yammer and Yammer and Microsoft Stream, for better employee engagement
  3. OneDrive, for collaborative file sharing experience
  4. Microsoft 365 performance, for a better security and intelligent experience.

With these innovations, SharePoint offers better and world-class intranet, after Microsoft has re-invented three years ago in the Future of SharePoint event. The recent home sites can connect workplaces better, share relevant news and stories beneficial to employees for better productive with personalized content. There are also new capabilities introduced in Microsoft Stream like sharing, recording and uploading videos directly to Microsoft Stream from mobile app.

Office 365 for Mac

Good news for Mac users: Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Good news for Mac users: Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Attention Mac Users! Microsoft has made Office 365 available on the Mac App Store. Now, Mac users can download Office 365 and stay cloud-connected and updated with the latest versions of the Apps. The complete Office Suite includes full installs of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive and Outlook. In addition to this, there are features like providing user experience to Mac users especially tailored for macOS and the Mac. The combo of Office 365 and the user experience for Mac on all platforms like Mac, iPad, and iPhone is totally exciting.

Now, Mac users can stay connected to their storage and other Office Apps through their smart devices. In addition to accessing content, users can coauthor docs in real-time, utilize AI to create better content.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing says:

“We are excited to welcome Microsoft Office 365 to the all-new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave. Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office productivity to Mac users from the very beginning. Now, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s easier than ever to get the latest and best version of Office 365 for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.”

How cool is that!

FSLogix merges into Microsoft

FSLogix merges into Microsoft for improved cloud business and Office 365 virtualization experience

FSLogix merges into Microsoft for improved cloud business and Office 365 virtualization experience

Workplace transformation is the need of the today’s cloud business space as businesses continue to evolve. Microsoft has taken one big leap for further enhancement of Office 365 virtualization and has announced acquisition of FSLogix. The company, FSLogix’s virtualization advancements make it a next-gen app portioning platform. According to experts form Microsoft, the company plans to enhance virtualization experiences of companies from large enterprises to small businesses. It also works to reduce work load, resource consumption, labor and time.

With this news, Microsoft’s products like Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop and Office 365 virtualization experience and Office 365 ProPlus experience.  Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is the only Microsoft 365 to provide customers with a modern desktop experience. It also offers built-in security and compliance. With the acquisition of FSLogix, we can expect lesser load times of user profiles in OneDrive and Outlook. In addition to this, Office 365 ProPlus experience in a multi-user virtual environment shall be improved too.

The future of virtual workspace is promising as Microsoft is eager to facilitate the customers and cloud business providers in every possible manner.


Choosing the right Web Hosting For Businesses

Choosing the right Web Hosting For Businesses

Web Hosting for Businesses is the basic requirements of business nowadays. For an ultimate web hosting experience, there are a few things to be kept in mind:

  1. Know what you need: it is important to define your requirements first. Searching a web hoster without knowing what exactly do you need is of no use
  2. Choose the right package: Options like Virtual private Server (VPS) is more expensive than other plans. It is important to choose the correct package that suits you
  3. Read Reviews: the best thing about hosters services being online is that customers leave reviews for other customers to go through. Always read reviews about selected hoster when selecting Web Hosting for Businesses.
  4. Determine right amount of bandwidth:  Slow websites make users go away from your services. Never compromise on bandwidth.
  5. Go through Terms of Service: The refund policy and owner ship rules are defended in the Terms of services. Go through them and request for modifications if necessary.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

The official Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released!

The official Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released!

As promised, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released by the end of 2018. With the public preview out a few months ago, the official release is just as expected. The main focus has been better user experience across multiple devices and better collaboration amongst Teams. Here are a few important features of latest release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019.

  1. Connecting and collaboration experience is improved with better communication sites. There is much flexibility and ease-of-use in the modern design
  2. Lists are more responsive, with compelling designs and an easy-to-use combination of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 with OneDrive.
  3. Intelligent Intranet experience gives a personalized experience
  4. Storage of file size has been increased to 15GB and length of path restrictions has been increased from 260 Unicode code units to 400.
  5. The users can incorporate a combination of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, multiple images and embedding video content to create visually appealing pages.

Born in the cloud or cloud-enabled?

Born in the cloud or cloud-enabled?

The concept of “born-in-the-cloud” is seldom confused with “cloud-enabled” or “cloud-native”. However, there is a significant deference between these terms.

A solution that was “born in the cloud” means a solution that is exclusively meant to be delivered by the cloud and does not involve any legacy systems. The solutions that are cloud-enabled are the solutions that were originally designed for a traditional datacenter and then eventually plunked into the cloud. this is originally a legacy product. They are single-tenant and difficult to scale.

In case of cloud native systems, they are built form ground up approach using micro-services. They are multi-tenant and are easily scalable. Hence the concepts of “born-in-the-cloud” and “cloud-native” are close enough but have a huge difference with “cloud-enabled” solution.

Companies prefer to adopt cloud-native solutions. With cloud-native solutions, there is no hassle of the Infrastructure upon it is delivered and built. Many vendors are now trying to offer cloud-enabled version of their products.

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