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Hosted SharePoint 2019

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

The official Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released!

The official Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released!

As promised, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 is released by the end of 2018. With the public preview out a few months ago, the official release is just as expected. The main focus has been better user experience across multiple devices and better collaboration amongst Teams. Here are a few important features of latest release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019.

  1. Connecting and collaboration experience is improved with better communication sites. There is much flexibility and ease-of-use in the modern design
  2. Lists are more responsive, with compelling designs and an easy-to-use combination of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 with OneDrive.
  3. Intelligent Intranet experience gives a personalized experience
  4. Storage of file size has been increased to 15GB and length of path restrictions has been increased from 260 Unicode code units to 400.
  5. The users can incorporate a combination of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, multiple images and embedding video content to create visually appealing pages.
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