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IT infrastructure

Multi-Cloud Journey

3 Steps to Start Your Multi-Cloud Journey

3 Steps to Start Your Multi-Cloud Journey

The concept of ‘Multi-clouds’ revolves around private clouds, hosted cloud environments and even on-premises data centers. A lot of organizations, whose major domain is deployment and management, opt for this approach. Here are three basic steps to get hand on transition to a multi-cloud strategy:

  1. Be more accessible to business users and know where your resources are located.
  2. Be focused with business services and know the relationship between business process and workload
  3. Use a cloud management platform and create an initial multi-cloud governance system.

Taking a multi-cloud approach makes the IT infrastructure more flexible. However, there is not a single solution fits all, rather every company shall have their own multi-cloud roadmap that makes the transition phase easier for the organization.  A decent Cloud management platform enables end-to-end visibility across all the Cloud resources. It also simplifies much business complexity and integration challenges while moving towards multi-cloud.

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