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Office 365 for Mac

Good news for Mac users: Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Good news for Mac users: Office 365 for Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Attention Mac Users! Microsoft has made Office 365 available on the Mac App Store. Now, Mac users can download Office 365 and stay cloud-connected and updated with the latest versions of the Apps. The complete Office Suite includes full installs of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive and Outlook. In addition to this, there are features like providing user experience to Mac users especially tailored for macOS and the Mac. The combo of Office 365 and the user experience for Mac on all platforms like Mac, iPad, and iPhone is totally exciting.

Now, Mac users can stay connected to their storage and other Office Apps through their smart devices. In addition to accessing content, users can coauthor docs in real-time, utilize AI to create better content.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing says:

“We are excited to welcome Microsoft Office 365 to the all-new Mac App Store in macOS Mojave. Apple and Microsoft have worked together to bring great Office productivity to Mac users from the very beginning. Now, with Office 365 on the Mac App Store, it’s easier than ever to get the latest and best version of Office 365 for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.”

How cool is that!

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

Microsoft integrates Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

Microsoft integrates Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint with Autodesk AutoCAD

After Adobe and SAP, Microsoft has done collaborations with Autodesk AutoCAD and provided integration capabilities between Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint and Autodesk AutoCAD.  Microsoft’s visions in this regard are to create a secured file transaction hub where customers can store critical content without any security apprehensions. Integrations with AutoCAD are just the next episode to fulfill this vision.

For engineers and architects, CAD drawings are critical. Now they can store their DWG files in OneDrive and SharePoint to get the best benefits of mobile and desktop applications, innovative collaboration capabilities and enterprise-grade compliance. In this way, task management gets simplified and flows are smoother in a workflow. The new integrations also allow for connection between SharePoint, OneDrive and drafting tools of AutoCAD. With these integrations, DWG files can be edited on the go in mobile app and AutoCAD latest new web app.

With these capabilities, architect and engineers are facilitated with team collaborations and their tasks have become easier than ever.

Azure Active Directory Password Protection

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

Announcement: Azure Active Directory Password Protection is now generally available

With hacking techniques gaining popularity, it takes less than a week to guess a password by any hacker and the user is hacked.  Corporate resources demand higher security pertaining to the sensitivity of the data and services of corporate sectors.

Microsoft introduces Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Password Protection for users so that they are safe from comply guessed passwords that lead with vulnerabilities. This feature prevents users from creating password that can be guessed easily. The feature is available for both cloud environments and hybrid environments.

The feature is easily configurable from the Active Directory Portal. Password protection can be configured from Authentication methods blade. Password protection is also enabled for Windows Server Active Directory. This feature can be enforced throughout the company and hence it will prevent employees to select commonly guessed passwords for their accounts related to the company and ensure protection from hackers who try to intrude using password guessing technique.


Announcing new capabilities in Azure native Firewall

Announcing new capabilities in Azure native Firewall

We covered the Azure Backup feature a while ago. Today, let’s dive into exciting news about 2 latest features of Azure native Firewall that Microsoft has recently announced:

  1. Azure Firewall Threat intelligence based filtering: this feature of Azure Firewall supports Microsoft Threat Intelligence and provides threat intelligence based filtering. It logs all matching indicators. With the Microsoft Intelligent security graph, it facilitates Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel. It makes firewall management easier.
  2. Azure native Firewall Service tags filtering: Service tags confines a group of IP address prefixes to specific services like Azure Key Vault, SQL Azure, and Azure Service Bus. These service tags can be used in destination filed in network rules. A few more tags include AzureConnectors, AzureCosmosDB, MicrosoftContainerRegistry, and AppService. A whole list of tags along with their details is available on Microsoft Docs.

With such features, Azure native Firewall continues to stay a strong entity in providing native firewall-as-a-service which provides rules for application level filtering and network level filtering.


Who will dominate Digital EcoSystems?

Who will dominate Digital EcoSystems?

Digital Platforms

Digital Ecosystems rapidly became a multi-billion dollar industry. Last year Hyperscalers invested over $120 billion in Digital Ecosystem platforms. Disruptive innovations provide simpler or more elegant solutions to existing problems, enabled by new technology and often at a lower cost. Many businesses recognizes the limitations of their existing platform while exploring opportunities that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models who will have the best chance of thriving in the fast-approaching disruptive future. Collaborative Ecosystems should exponentially elevate the value it creates and deliver. They will revolutionize business for some time to come.


Hyperscalers such as Apple, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others are gearing up for battle. Misleading information is convincing businesses to migrate to these platforms without understanding the long-term impact and liabilities. Moreover, entire industries are making decisions based on studies and reports, influenced by the very same Hyperscalers. Many businesses think if they do not keep up they will eventually fail.

Client Operating System

Dominating Digital Ecosystems will require an even more dominating end-user Operating System. The end game is controlling the entire value chain in addition to recurrent subscription lock-in, and preventing you the customer from ever migrating. In other words, easy to get in but difficult to get out.

Enterprise Migration

It should not be a surprise that medium to large size Enterprises are having great difficulties adapting to Digital Ecosystems. Migration could be risky, complicated and expensive or just simply impossible. There are no standards or unification between competitive Digital Ecosystem platforms. Migrating from a Digital Ecosystem might not be possible without starting over again and paying a hefty fine.

Channel Partners

I have witnessed the destruction of privacy and the disruptive (dead-end) transition of the hosting industry. Next in line are Channel Partners, ISV’s and OEM’s. Overall, I am unpleasantly surprised businesses and governments ignore the risks by surrendering sensitive data to these Hyperscalers. It is time for new legislation to reveal the true intentions of those trying to dominate our digital world. If you think they are on your side think again!

Too Big to Fail

Eventually Hyperscalers will become too big to fail. If governments fail to regulate them, it will expose us to a global economic and systemic meltdown.

What led to today’s success will ultimately lead to tomorrow’s failure

IoT platform

Microsoft continues to facilitate IoT platform security solutions

Microsoft continues to facilitate IoT platform security solutions

Microsoft is taking huge leaps towards the contribution in the IoT platform security. This is because the massive growth in building intelligent devices is observed since past few years and with this rate of development a huge adoption of interconnected devices shall be observed 10 years from now.

For IoT security, Microsoft has announced two major advancements:

  1. Azure Sphere: it is a solution for the security of nextGen IoT devices at an intelligent edge. It includes three major components that work together for security of these devices. These include

    a. Azure Sphere-certified MCUs
    b. The Azure Sphere OS
    c. The Azure Sphere Security Service

  2. Security Maturity Model: This framework is proposed in order to integrate security into systems for long-term benefits. This gives IoT platform security providers a sustainable approach towards addressing IoT issues. This model is being built in partnership with and is based on Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) previously Microsoft’s “Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices”.

Microsoft GitHub

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub incorporates into Microsoft for promoting developers

GitHub is now a Microsoft Development platform. Previously, it has been a development promoting platform for a long time and developers rely on this open source service for their development oriented tasks. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring GitHub for 7.5 billion USD. Quite recently, Microsoft revealed that it has made the whole process of acquisition complete.

Microsoft explains that it is its vision to support and help developers and acquiring GitHub is a part of implementing this vision. GitHub will continue to run as an independent business. Not only this is a large repository, it is a popular resource for developers and organizations for documenting and hosting code. The core idea of GitHub is not turning into Microsoft, but more of getting insights to the current developer trends going around outside of traditional Microsoft technologies. Not only it will help the company grow with these insights so as to make developers facilitate from their technologies, it will also help Microsoft towards providing a better Microsoft Development platform in future.

Source: https://news.microsoft.com/2018/06/04/microsoft-to-acquire-github-for-7-5-billion/

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 – shaping cloud computing and simplifying IT

Microsoft 365 – shaping cloud computing and simplifying IT

Microsoft has been very keen with development platforms and simplifying IT industry with its innovative technologies that shape the market. One such product is Microsoft 365 which keeps on changing based on the IT industry needs. Microsoft philosophy for building tools and various IT services is said to be “Integrated for Simplicity”.

The modern desktop is driven by cloud computing and available on Windows 10 with Office 365 ProPlus. The scalability and intelligence feature makes it unique and an innovative approach that is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Integrated simplicity is taken to one step further with the Microsoft 365 admin center that also gives the feature of device management.

Hence Microsoft Office 365 gives a modern cloud-connect feel to business and end users. It also provides cloud computing intelligence that is necessary for IT pros for a successful tomorrow.

IoT solutions Quality Control

Why Quality Control is important in IoT solutions

Why Quality Control is important in IoT solutions

IoT solutions are gaining popularity as this technology gets more fast, sleek and cost-effective. It has captured almost all aspects of businesses and daily life in general. In such a popular technology, quality control is of utmost importance.

Enterprises have started to deploy Quality control solutions in the cloud by taking a proactive approach towards quality control. For example, algorithms like Quality Early Warning System (QEWS) are developed and incorporated into the IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud which helps manufacturers to discover problems earlier in supplier material along with problems arising in production processes.

Considering the huge amount of data being generated by applying IoT solutions to business processes, QC solutions prioritize the problems and generate alerts based on priority and those issues shall be addressed immediately that are critical. Hence 100% Quality control is not possible; however proactive approaches provide detailed perspective regarding product quality during manufacturing and are most beneficial to adopt.

IAAS Cloud Infrastructure

Simple Infrastructure: is it becoming a thing of past?

Simple Infrastructure: is it becoming a thing of past?

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service is a fast-growing market and is expected to reach up to 25% of total Infrastructure outsourcing market by 2020. IaaS has promoted promoting digital operation in an innovative manner along with enabling digital business. This has contributed to the growing popularity of IaaS.

It has been seen that, IaaS providers continue to offer legacy services which include simple servers, network resources and storage space, hence a simple infrastructure. These services will not be sufficient for the upcoming demands of digital business. In order to promote customers digital journey demands, Infrastructure providers need to offer digital infrastructure platform which offers a range of higher level services exposed via APIs, hence introducing a platform which customers can utilize for development of apps and services that provide value to business initiatives.

Hence provision of resources needs to be shifted from simple (storage, server, and network) to complex (Infrastructure resources) to find growth opportunities for both customers and Infrastructure providers.

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